Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long Island Wedding Photos: The Toss

This post features Rachelle, who tied the knot with Eric at Fox Hollow in Long Island, NY.

It's hard to imagine a typical Long Island wedding if you've never seen one before. Long Island is sprinkled with a ton of wedding halls, and they feature similar programs and offerings. There's the wedding ceremony, of course, then a cocktail hour with enormous quantities of food, music, and some unique elements (this one had a table where two gentlemen hand-rolled cigars). You're stuffed completely by the end of this cocktail hour, but then it's time to move to the reception where the DJ or band formally introduces the wedding party and newlyweds with a spectacular light and music show. Because you're just not full enough (how could you be after eating foods from around the world for a solid hour?), it's time to eat yet again! And dance! And toast! And eat! And dance! And eat! At the end, everybody is drained, full, and ready for a nap.

Here's a photo and a little slideshow from the bouquet toss. People are pretty full by this point, but they still manage to keep that energy level up. Congrats again to Rachelle and Eric!


  1. Love the pictures, and the toss slide show is so cool!
    How did you do it?

  2. Thanks! The slideshow is just a little JavaScript action that I whipped up from a bunch of consecutive frames I shot rapidly at the wedding.