Wednesday, April 1, 2009

St. Louis City Museum: Engagement Photos of Kim and Craig

The St. Louis City Museum provided a great backdrop for Kim and Craig's engagement photos. That's partly due to the creativity that Bob Cassilly (City Museum's creator) and his crew have put into making the space, and partly due to a scheduling snafu that let us into the City Museum before it opened to the general public. That's the kind of opportunity that yields fantastic engagement photos!

Random fact: I used to work in the International Shoe building, which joins the City Museum building via a skyway. When I worked there, the City Museum was still very much under construction and hadn't yet opened. Nobody in St. Louis could figure out what it would end up looking like - and I still don't think people have figured it out!

It took a few minutes for them to warm up to being photographed, but once they'd gotten used to the sound of my camera's shutter, the great images started flowing. We did a combination of candids and posed shots in different City Museum spaces (that we could easily fit into):

Kim and Craig also brought along Kim's awesome daughter, Maddy, and we made sure to include her:

Congratulations to Kim, Craig, and Maddy! We're excited to be your wedding photographers!