Monday, December 29, 2008

Chesterfield Wedding Photos of Michelle and Brad

Michelle and Brad's St. Louis wedding took place this Fall at St. John's United Church of Christ in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Prior to the wedding day, Michelle sent out the schedule, which included this gem:
12:30 PM Brad and Michelle have a private moment in the church

Oh, yes, they got teased about that line.

All joking aside, it was a very special and emotional moment for both of them, and we left the room after taking a few photos so they could have some time for themselves.

We went back in to the sanctuary for some more wedding photos and took some formals and not-so-formals...

...and then back outside to have a bit of fun with the groomsmen - is this the traditional Kazakh running of the groom? Very nice!

The service was both beautiful and personal and had music and readings done by friends and relatives of the bride and groom.

The ceremony was followed immediately by the reception at the hall at St. Joseph Church in Union, Missouri. Michelle and Brad booked a bus to safely transport the wedding party and friends to and from the party. There's a rumor that people might have turned a bit green from traveling on twisty, hilly country roads on a large bus, but Michelle and Brad were all smiles (at least when they boarded the bus):

With everybody safely at the destination, guests could take in the decorations, dramatic entrances, toasts, and then get serious about partying all night (with help from Chris from Big Daddy Sound, 636-221-1443):

For those who aren't familiar with the dollar dance, the guests chip in a little bit of money to dance with the bride or groom (or both, if they so choose). Michelle and Brad put their own unique spin on this tradition and let guests know that they would be dancing to support Wonder Weims Rescue, a charity they're both passionate about. It looks like the Weimaraners made out like bandits:

Finally, I leave you with one gentleman who performed the Thriller dance and thus was guaranteed to not go home alone:

Congrats to Michelle and Brad - and The Thriller Guy!


  1. Your pictures really capture the emotion in the moment. I am going to put you on my list of possible photographers for our wedding in March 2010.