Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lumen St. Louis: A Private Event Space

Lumen is a private event space on Locust in downtown St. Louis, occupying the front space of the Packard Lofts building (and dangerously close to an outstanding beer at The Schlafly Tap Room, for those of you looking for a well-known brewpub landmark). The building used to be a Packard automobile dealership and showroom, and the Lumen portion has been completely gutted and designed by Minaret Group (of Mike Shannon's) and Lounge Concepts to be an amazing, open space for events. It does not disappoint.

Lumen's a chameleon of sorts; with St. Louis' only LED lighting system of its kind, renters can fully customize the colors inside. When I went to shoot the space, it was set up for a wedding and was wearing purple.

Lumen gave me a good chance to test out my new (to me) Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens (Canon EF mount). I couldn't have timed this photoshoot better, though, as I got this lens about two hours before I had to show up at Lumen. I'd love to hear what you think of the wide-angle goodness (as well as my timing!).

Without further ado, I present Lumen, ready to party:


  1. That dining room is gorgeous!

    Is it me or is there almost no barrel distortion? Impressive with such a wide lens, of course Photoshop can help with that.

  2. Your photos get more gorgeous by the day!

  3. The photos are lovely. I liked the space, but this is what happened to me while I was there: http://susanisk.com/?p=272

  4. what a beautiful space! nice photos.

  5. The photos of this space make me want to schedule an event. It looks warm, inviting, fun, cozy. All the good things a space should be.

    Very well done. Your talent is duly noted. (Aaaand, of course, you knew that)