Saturday, November 15, 2008

St. Louis Anniversary Photos: Brian and Mindi Sue

I met Brian back in college, but we became better friends a few years after we had graduated. We founded the St. Louis Dinner Club together, helped a good friend rehab his house, and went on countless road trips to both nature and eating destinations.

Then, one day a few years ago, Brian moved to Dallas.

This would be completely unacceptable were it not for the fact that his quality of life in Dallas improved drastically - he met somebody down there, they started dating and fell in love, and a year and a few days ago, they got married.

As a side note, I met Dallas wedding photographer Lynn Michelle and her crew when she was photographing their wedding, and she's been a tremendously helpful resource - thanks so much!

When Brian and Mindi Sue were recently in St. Louis for a wedding, they asked if I'd take some photos for their first anniversary. How could I possibly say no? Thus, I'm thrilled to present some of Brian and Mindi Sue's anniversary photos:

This is decidedly not a St. Louis Cardinals shirt, but I took the photo anyway:


  1. Once again... Great job Jonathan! I'm not so sure about that last photo... but I guess a job is a job ;)

  2. The photos are incredible!

    Of course, my favorite is the last one with us in our Rangers jerseys.

    I couldnt wait to turn this into my new profile picture on Facebook.

  3. Love your photos, as always. Isn't Lynn Michelle that photographer with the gnomes? She's great! It's funny you ran into her. Her and the two women she shoots with seem to have a lot of fun and it shows in their photos.

    I envy all you great portrait photographers!