Monday, September 1, 2008

Jackson Hole Wedding Photos: Meagan and Stephen's Wedding Photos

My wife Stefani and I were invited to be guests at my cousin Stephen's wedding to Meagan in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (where she's from). We stayed in Denver with them last year just before Stef broke her elbow when the saddle slipped off of the horse she was on in Nederland, CO. That trip was memorable not only for our time spent in the Boulder hospital but also because it was the first time we got to meet Meagan. She's as charming as could be, and she and Stephen are perfect together. We couldn't be happier for you both.

Meagan and Stephen hired Denver-based Jared Wilson to do photography, and Jared brought along Shannon Kaple to help out. They did an amazing job capturing the event.

Since Stephen is family, I couldn't resist asking if they'd like me to bring my cameras and take a few extra photos at the wedding. They thought it would be a great idea. By "a few extra photos", I apparently meant over 1300.

A note for other photographers and guests attending events: When I am not the official photographer and I bring my gear along, I first make sure that the photographer(s) do not mind if I take photos. If they agree, I do not use flash and I make every effort to stay out of their way - they need to get the shots; I do not. Please extend your photographers this kindness and courtesy if you are a guest with a camera!

From my seat and roving a little bit, I got a bunch of wedding pictures that I liked. Here are a few of my favorites:


  1. Such a photogenic couple. Gorgeous shots!

  2. Beautiful wedding! The day couldn't be more perfect for shots.

  3. Your work is really good man.. Shockingly good. Glad to have you following the Twitter!

  4. absolutely stunning... you captured it all beautifully.