Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Formal Engagment Photos - Kristen and Brad's Engagement

It's amazing what a suit can do for a man.

Brad was a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera at first - most guys are.  We chatted it up about board games (a hobby of Kristen and Brad's), cupcakes (Kristen knows some cupcake bloggers from NY that Stef has met), and food in general (Kristen and Brad first heard of J. Pollack Photography through Jonathan's work in Sauce Magazine).  Brad soon relaxed and was able to be himself in front of the camera.

But, when Brad put on a suit, he was like a different person.  He somehow looked taller, more confident, and debonair.

Kirsten glowed in her dress as well, but then again, Kristen shone from the moment we met her - and wait until you see the wedding pictures.  She looked gorgeous!


  1. Interesting idea - wearing a suit. You generally think of engagement photos as less formal than the wedding. I like it!!

  2. You're right: the suit is a classy touch. My favorite photo is the one in the "forest."

  3. brilliant photos. i cant wait to see the wedding photos.