Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yearly Family Photos

One of the best things about having family photos taken is looking back to see how your family grew and changed: babies became toddlers, kids, and then teens; hair was worn short, long, or disappeared; clothing ranged from bell bottoms to leggings or mini skirts.

As photographers, we get the joy of seeing these changes not just in our own families but also in the families that give us the privilege of taking their yearly family photos. We love the opportunity to get to know our clients over the years and to share in their life milestones.

We took this photo last year:

Here she is again, a year later:

When we returned to take photos this year, we learned that there was a new member of the family:

Look at that proud big sister:

And the whole happy family:

Our favorite photo of the shoot, however, might be this one of mom and dad, exhausted, but still smiling and in love:

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  1. What gorgeous photos, as usual! You always capture such beautiful and unique moments! Whenever we get around to having our family portraits done, you know I'll be calling you!