Tuesday, July 7, 2009

St. Louis Baby Photography: Baby Elliott

Ian and Gabi, Elliott's parents, asked if they could reserve me for a baby photography session with their three month old while they were in St. Louis visiting family. Ian and Gabi moved to California from St. Louis when they heard there was gold out West, then they had Elliott, and now they've gotten quite comfortable with the high cost of living and constant tremors in the state voted Most Likely to Fall Into the Ocean. I keep telling them they can move back immediately without incurring any shame, but so far I think my comments are being ignored.

Anyway, Elliott had some fantastic expressions during our brief visit together at Laumeier Sculpture Park:

It looks like we wore Elliott out!

It was great seeing you (and meeting Elliott), and we hope you make it back soon - permanently. In the meantime, feel free to market my services to the other gold miners!


  1. I believe good ol' MO had the last significant earthquake...


  2. What a cutie! You can't help but smile looking at these! What a sweet little guy!