Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are You Looking for Photos?

While my site, St. Louis photographer J. Pollack Photography, features galleries of St. Louis engagement photography, St. Louis wedding photography, St. Louis maternity photography, St. Louis baby, children, and family photography, and St. Louis commercial and editorial photography, I haven't had a great vehicle to share my latest work with current clients, prospective clients, and peers. Keeping a web site up-to-date takes more time than I have free hours in the day, and it also doesn't let me express anything about an individual shot or share why I like it or how it came to be.

My aim with this blog is to share current work and projects, discuss techniques that I use, talk shop, field questions, and learn from the dialog that will take place.

Thanks for visiting, and hopefully if you're looking for photos, you'll find a lot to enjoy.

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